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The North Carolina Healthy Weight Initiative is the state of North Carolina’s best source of information regarding overweight and obesity prevention.

This page has many resources for you – data and information, graphics and public service announcements. If you don’t see what you need, contact us. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll put you in touch with someone who does!


Healthy Weight Coordinator’s Biography (Sherée Thaxton Vodicka)
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The History of the NC Healthy Weight Initiative
Executive Summary of the NC Healthy Weight Initiative Plan, Moving Our Children Toward a Healthy Weight
Moving Our Children Toward a Healthy Weight – Finding the Will and The Way
Tips for Families – Moving Our Children Toward A Healthy Weight (English)
Tips for Families – Moving Our Children Toward A Healthy Weight (Spanish)



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Sodas and Portion Size

Media Coverage and Archives

What role does the media play in preventing obesity among children and the adults who influence them?

Raising public awareness of the health and economic issues related to childhood overweight can impact grassroots movement and public policy by dramatizing the risks to children of inaction.

One of the Healthy Weight Initiative’s Key Recommendations impacts the work of the media:

Create an environment that makes healthy eating and active lifestyles the norm rather than the exception.

Several supporting recommendations from the Healthy Weight Plan include:

  1. Raise public awareness of the obesity and childhood overweight epidemic as a health issue, its economic costs to North Carolinians, and its negative impact on quality of life.
  2. Raise awareness and promote action among elected and appointed officials, foundation and potential private sector partners regarding the need for policy change, environmental change, and resources to adequately address childhood overweight in North Carolina.

Examine the issues in the following clips from North Carolina’s award-winning news outlets.

In-Depth Coverage of the Obesity Epidemic
June 2004
The Raleigh News & Observer explores the costs, consequences and solutions to the obesity epidemic in a six-day series, beginning Sunday, June 13, 2004. Please come explore this thoughtful analysis of one of America's greatest health problems.
News and Observer Obesity Series

Coverage of Childhood Obesity
March 2004
On March 20 and 21, the Greensboro News & Record featured two articles on childhood obesity in North Carolina:
"Childhood Obesity"
"Changing Child Obesity Starts at Home"

Coverage of Eat Smart, Move More...NC and the NC Healthy Weight Initiative!
February 2004
"Changes: NC starts working on childhood obesity"
Featured Wednesday, February 11, 2004 in the Winston-Salem Journal

North Carolina Healthy Weight Initiative, in support of Eat Smart, Move More...North Carolina

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